White Bass Fishing in Oshkosh- Tips and Techniques

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Thanks for joining with me again for some White bass action!

In this video, I am fishing the Fox River in Oshkosh WI. At first, it was stressful yet delightful. This kind of fishing forced me to really focus and find out what these fish are key on. White bass fishing isn’t as easy as it looks. Sometimes you might run into a school where they will eat anything, and sometimes you run into a school and they don’t eat anything at all. Well, later in the afternoon, I finally figured out the pattern and it was Game on! The rain helped 100 percent! Watch and find out!

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Gear Used:

Shimano Stradic ci4 FA

St. Croix 7ft Medium action

Power Pro Braid 8lb test

White Bass Fishing in Oshkosh- Tips and Techniques

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