Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods: How to Choose and Use Ultralight Rods for Ice Fishing


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Do you love ice fishing? We highlight the choice of Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods and how to use them. We also give you the best pointers so that once you are through reading this, you will be able to choose an ice fishing rod of your own.

How to Choose the Best Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods

Before we get down to using an Ultralight Ice Fishing Rod I suggest you think sensibly and make the right choice when buying an ultra-light rod for ice fishing. These tips that I am going to put here will be of great help in starting you off.

Get the Right Length

Determining the length of the ice fishing rod that you have chosen should be according to your skill and ability. Ultra-light rods range between 4 and 9 feet in length with the most popular version being 5 or 6 feet rod.

The type of fish that you want to hunt down, the fishing environment that you are looking at, and your experience like we have seen, all have a role to play on the length of rod that you choose. These tips will shed more light.

  • Beginners should focus more on shorter Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods
  • Shorter rods will work best on wooded areas and slightly bushy locations
  • Areas that are covered in full ice/snow are best fished on with loner rods

The Rod’s Action

The Action is the ability of your fishing rod to easily deflect when pressure is applied on the tip. A light rod will bend closer to the base all the way to the tip. They are also ideal for lighter baits. If you get a great action you will have an easy time as that guarantees more sensitivity.

NOTE: The best ultra-Light Ice Rods use the light power fast action. This typeof rod action is for those eyeing trout, crappie, and also groupie. It can also apply on larger species such as the catfish and walleye.

Weight of the Rod

In the conventional fishing world, the weight of an ice fishing rod would determine its strength. However, with the new graphite ultra-light fishing rods, strength is easy to achieve and so is flexibility.

Stronger and much more flexible rods will have a high number of eyelets that you can loop your line through. The same also gives the rod top rated sensitivity and more importantly the high precision.

Power of the Rod

The power of the rod indicates the amount of pressure that the angler needs to apply when fishing in order to bend the rod. In addition to that, the power also depicts the lifting ability and consequently the strength of the fishing rod.

Make sure that your ice fishing rod has a lot of backbone. The fishing rod powers are usually categorized as;

  • Heavy
  • Medium-heavy
  • Medium
  • Light (heavy-medium and ultra-light)

The best ultralight fishing rod should also have enough power to lift the type of fish that is in your location and to withstand the pressure that you will apply to bend it when you are out there fishing.

Material of the Base

The base material is a very important factor when it comes to choosing the right Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods. A good base should be able to withstand the fearsome fight that the fish is going to put up once it gets hooked up.

Because of this, the base has so much to play on whether you will bag the fish or lose it. Some of the best base materials that will put up with the strain and the tension once the fish is caught include the following options.

  • Graphite Rods
  • Bamboo Rods
  • Carbon Fiber Rods

How to Use Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods

Now that we have seen how to choose ice fishing rods, it is time to look at how to use these rods too.

In order to use an ultra-light rod for fishing on ice, make sure that you are fishing around a location that’s known for smaller species such as trout, groupie, and crappie. You must also ensure that you are using a light fishing rope on the rod.

More importantly, once your bait catches a fish, leave it to wrestle until it tires out before you can reel it in. This will greatly depend on your fishing rods action so that you don’t end up with a broken rod.

At the end of the day, using Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods depends mainly on the skills of the angler. A pro angler will easily use longer ice fishing rods that are light with super control as opposed to starters.

NOTE: Most people prefer ultra-light rods for ice since they are easy to pack, carry, and even use all day long without getting fatigued easily too.

Additional Tips: Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods

All fishing rods must have printed information that will give you more insight into the type of line that will use with the rod. Ignoring this guideline is a recipe for disaster. Some of the things that could go wrong include:

  • Light line on a heavy rod will easily snap fishing line
  • Heavy line on light rod snaps the rod.

In addition to that, it is important that you also keep a closer look at fish rod power ratings. Typically, you could get two rods with heavy ratings but whose uses are very different. A good example is a heavy bass rod when compared to a heavy offshore rod. The two are “heavy”but with different power ratings.

Finally, there are many other factors that will also play a key role when buying an Ultralight Ice Fishing Rod. They include the price, user feedbacks, expert reviews, and type of fishing that you are looking at, Make sure you have defined all these before you set out there to go and fish with your pals.


Choosing the very best Ultralight Ice Fishing Rods will leave you with some of the best ice fishing experience. You will enjoy your time and end up with super feeling as you watch your catch rise up. They are easy to rig and will leave you with no pressure at all.


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