TROUT MAGNET Creek Fishing – HOW TO Setup, Rig & Fish + TIPS

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Could the TROUT MAGNET be the BEST creek fishing lure of all time!? In this video I take one of my favorite lures creek fishing. I show you guys the setup, how to rig it and how to fish it. I also go over some tips to help you catch more fish with the Trout Magnet. The Trout Magnet is an amazing multi-species lure. It will catch just about anything that swims. Trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, rock bass, creek chub, fallfish, catfish and the list goes on. Trout Magnet creek fishing was an absolute blast! Make sure you guys check out the Trout Magnet. If you pick some up, I’m positive you won’t be disappointed!

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TROUT MAGNET Creek Fishing – HOW TO Setup, Rig & Fish + TIPS

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