TOP 5 Smallmouth Bass Lures!


Hey guys! I’m Jordan Baylis, founder of Bass Fishing America and Bwear Bassin. This is my journey. Come join me as I fish the Northwest and travel America on the epic bass hunt. This page will have fishing adventures, tips and side bits on new gear and styles of fishing. This will review the best bass lures I’ve used.

I’ve been a diehard fisherman for 20 years. Although I have experience in a wide range of fishing, my passion is Bass fishing. I’ve lived most of my life in the Northwest fishing Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, but I actively travel and fish in other states in the US. I work with a series of bait and gear companies to check out my sponsors below. My drive is sharing the adventure with all of you. So let’s go, like, share and comment below! Let’s hook some PIGS!

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