Tips for Fishing Poppers for Springtime Bass

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Topwater poppers catch bass all season but really kick into gear during the post spawn period. Wired2Fish contributor Seth Feider discusses when he throws a popper over a walking bait, characteristics he looks for in a good big fish popper, and the equipment he uses to make accurate casts while achieving excellent hookup ratios.


-Storm Arashi Cover Pop:

-Daiwa Steez SVF AGS Casting Rod:

-Daiwa Tatutla SV TWS Casting Rod:

-Sufix 832 Performance Braided Line, 30lb:

-Sufix Advanced Clear Monofilament Line:

-VMC Crankbait Snap:

Seth stresses the importance of putting poppers in tight places adjacent to cover. Baits like the Storm Arashi Cover Pop can be fished with less forward movement than walking baits which is desirable because cover-oriented post spawn bass often won’t chase a bait. The subtle kicking and sputtering …

Tips for Fishing Poppers for Springtime Bass

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