Sam Rayburn Bass Fishing Navigational Guide & Fishing Tips Video 2

‘2018 Sam Rayburn Bass Fishing Navigational Guide and Fishing Tips – note for best viewing make sure you chance sprocket at bottom right of screen to 720 resolution.

This is updates to my 2014 Map Tips with a much better camera, there is a playlist here with all the maps. Stayed tuned for more and also how to get a trail up above the 147 bridge once we have all the 2018 maps done.

Couple of notes, and I would suggest if you are coming to Rayburn and don’t know the area shoot a pic of this commentary so you have these numbers. I will update this if guys give me additional places, if you need trolling motor work you likely need to go to Toledo Fiberglass which is 50-60 miles from the 147 bridge over near Many La, 318 256 3616, and they are open …

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