New Bass Fishing Lure for 2019 – Headbanger Shad 4.5"

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🐟 Headbanger Shad 4.5″ –

The Headbanger 4.5″ is quite the innovative little hybrid crankbait, I’ve been using the 9″ since day one and I’ve always been blown away by the action it produces. The 4.5″ is the perfect size for bass fishing, as well as maybe catching other species like Trout and Walleye. I like the fact that it is a hybrid of both hard and soft plastic, best of both worlds. The soft plastic paddle tail gives off an action in back, while the hard plastic cupped head in front produces an erratic action for the whole bait. The corkscrew in back even allows you to take the paddle tail off and replace it with even a twister tail or some other type of soft plastic you’d like to use. I’ve also caught pike on this little crankbait at Kent Lake, but I was pretty …

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