Learn Why Cabo San Lucas Is The Ultimate Fishing Charter Experience

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charter Cabo San Lucas is one of the ultimate fishing destinations for sport fishing and for any casual fisherman that just wants to throw a line in the water and hook whatever is lurking beneath the surface of the water. Cabo San Lucas is located West of Rocky Point at the southern tip of Baja Mexico and is home to some of the best fishing in the world. At this amazing fishing destination, the Sea of Cortez intersects with the Pacific Ocean, and the fish that flourish here are amazing!

Cabo San Lucas has been a tourist destination for decades, and most sport fishermen have rented Cabo fishing charters and experienced the thrill of fishing these waters from the bows of a professionally fishing boat. In recent years, we have seen an increase in tourism and interest in fishing these waters. Here are some of the fish that can be caught off the shore of Cabo.

• Striped Marlin

• Black Marlin

• Pacific Blue Marlin

• Sailfish

• Dorado

• Wahoo

• Yellowfin Tuna

• Roosterfish

These are the most commonly fished species among sport fishermen and career fishermen. If you enjoy sushi, then you are very familiar with Yellowfin Tuna. The most popular fish caught in these waters though is the Striped Marlin. This fish roams these waters year-round and can be caught almost anywhere you charter a boat. Other seasonal fish that gain the attention of avid fishermen are Blue Marlin, Sailfish, and the Black Marlin.

Your destination fishing charter should know exactly where to take you to find your record catch. The fish coming out of these waters on catch and release trips are growing to record-breaking sizes, making the Cabo charter and fishing experience more exciting than ever.

For those that are vacationing and want to catch some fresh fish for a classic ceviche dish, or maybe even something for the grill, you will love Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, and Snapper. Some people will eat Roosterfish, but that’s usually reserved for catch and release.

There is definitely something for everyone of all ages in Cabo, on land, and on water. Fishing from the shoreline is also something that is an attractive option for those that don’t want to charter a fishing boat for the day. Local watering holes also provide an abundance of bass fishing and there are boat rentals available for that as well.

If you have been thinking about a trip to Baja Mexico, don’t think twice. The amazing people, weather, food, and drinks make Cabo San Lucas a premier destination for everyone.


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