Is the St Croix BassX the BEST FISHING ROD for $100?

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I just picked up my brand new St Croix BassX the other day and I would say it worked out pretty well! Watch til the end if you want to hear all of my thoughts and honest review on this $100 fishing rod.

I chose the 7’1 Medium Heavy Fast Action Bass X Casting Rod (BXC71MHF). This model is rated for 12-20lb test and 3/8-1oz lure weights.


Spinning Version of this rod –

All St. Croix rods come with a 5-year warranty so that also helps ?

Check out Tyler’s channel:

Other great $100 fishing rods….

Abu Garcia Veritas –

Falcon BuCoo –

Dobyns Fury –

Fenwick HMG –

I would say that none of these are really “bad options” …

Is the St Croix BassX the BEST FISHING ROD for $100?

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