How to Choose the Best Fishing Houses and Shanties


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When you taste the mouth-watering freshly caught perch on ice, you’ll never wonder why people go ice fishing again. Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish through a hole or opening in the ice. There are frozen bodies of water that have plenty of fishes during the winter season. Anglers use hooks or spears in the ice opening to catch the fishes.

Some people would go on long fishing expeditions so that they can be caught the season’s best. These fishing trips can require shanties that are simple structures mounted to protect the anglers from cold winds. Some fishing houses are heated in the interior. The fishing house or shanties are towed near lakes using trucks. There are permanent and portable ones.

The portable ice shanties can be made of a heavy material that can’t be penetrated by water. This will protect the anglers from rain or snow. The portable houses can be flipped when the user does not need it. There are portable best ice fishing shanties where only a single door for entrance and exit is available. The permanent shanties are made up of wood or metal. They usually have wheels to make transportation easier.

Choosing the Right Shanty for You

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Anglers do not spend all their time sitting on ice in the middle of a frozen lake with sub-zero temperature. Sometimes, half of their time is spent inside shanties where they can fish comfortably. They are getting food while in the comforts of a home. Some shanties vary with size, features, and materials. You just need to know the one that is right for you and you are good to go.

Choose the Right Size

When you are first choosing a shanty, you need to consider the number of anglers that it will shelter. The more anglers you will house, the bigger the house should be. It is not recommended to go ice fishing alone. It is always a good idea to bring a buddy or two with you. If you and your friends often go to fishing trips together, you might consider splitting the price of a larger one. You should also expect to share the shanty with your other friends that are also interested in catching fishes on a frozen river.

Consider Fish Houses with Sled Bases

If you are on a small lake, your best option is to get a shanty that has a simple pullover. You can choose the one that has a sled base. This will make carrying your equipment easier. You are not only carrying your gear with you, but you are also carrying your shelter on the next spot. The sled will only require drilling a hole in the ice, choose the right position that will not interfere with your activity, and you can have all the time in the world to catch that largemouth bass.

Get Collapsible Ones if Possible

Collapsible shanties with cabin-style interiors are popular for anglers. They can have flat bottoms and rectangular flaps. The flaps on the floors provide easy access to the ice underneath. Their flat forms when folded made them easy to store. However, the absence of sled bottoms makes relocation harder. Fortunately, with the collapsible designs, you can install sled runners so you can drag your shanty once you have set it up and when you’ve found the perfect spot.

One thing that you have to make sure of is that you should purchase a shanty with high-quality materials. You may have to spend a little more when choosing the best materials, but it will be worth it. After all, you are going to a place where the temperatures are below the normal range. You may want to find something that has plenty of ventilation, windows and where heaters can be installed. More importantly, make sure that you can store what you bought in your car or the house afterward when you are not on a fishing trip.

Where to Put your Shanty

Most anglers find it difficult to find the right place where they can find fish. As long as sunlight penetrates an area, there’s a chance that weeds will grow. When there are green weeds around, expect to find fishes nearby. You might want to drop your lure and mark the place where there are plenty of weeds.

Another tip is to not follow the crowd blindly. Get tips from experienced anglers who were able to find a good catch on previous seasons. More information about anglers in this link here. There are often houses of fish that can pop out on many tried and tested locations every wintertime.

Some people bring their shanties on the edges or fringes of the frozen lake. This is because too much human activity disturbs the fishes and they might be on alert. Some catches can be caught off-guard. They might want a place in the lake where they can swim in peace. This should be the ones that you are looking for.

A Final Word

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Have the best ice fishing experience with the right shanty. Get the best gear, the best spots, the best people, and the best house that will protect you from the cold winds. Get your bait ready and prepare to grill a delicious largemouth bass after a hard day’s work. Prioritize your safety by getting the right ice fishing house that will suit your needs.


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