How to Choose the Best Bowfishing Bow?

Best Bowfishing Bow

Have you ever heard of bowfishing? It’s actually a combination of hunting and fishing, considering the unusual equipment required for the activity. What you need is a bow and an arrow, used for shooting fish and a fishing line for pulling it out of the water.

Anyhow, the bow is considered to be the most essential part of the equipment, playing a major role in the fisherman’s precision and technique. Therefore, you need to consider multiple factors, such as material, weight, length, and adjustability in order to choose the right model.

The following tips will assist you in purchasing the Best Bowfishing Bow on the market.

Select a type

Most commonly, fishermen have to decide between the recurve and the compound bow. The former is larger in size, but lighter in weight, thus being a more convenient choice for newbies. Although it’s easy to carry around and straightforward to use, it requires greater body strength.

Conversely, the latter is smaller in size but heavier than the previous one. Unlike the recurve variant, the compound model is equipped with more accessories that need to be maintained. In spite of its weight, you’d need less physical strength to operate it. However, this model is more powerful and accurate, better suited for advanced fishermen.

Consider the material

Material is one of the essential factors to be considered when selecting a bowfishing bow, as it has to be well adapted for this type of activity. In fact, you may choose from a variety of coatings, such as wood, alloys, plastic or waterproof materials.

Moreover, it’s important for the material to be highly durable, particularly if the device is being used in saltwater. You’re advised to choose a waterproof material that is resistant to corrosion, which is why metal alloys are believed to be the best choice. Click here to learn more about the properties of alloys.

Best Bowfishing Bow

Consider the weight factor

When choosing a bowfishing bow, there’re two weight factors to be taken into account, those being the weight of the weapon and its draw weight. In terms of the former factor, the device is supposed to be light in order to be carried around and stored without problems. A heavy device would distract you from the activity, as you’d be more focused on its heaviness, not on the fish.

The latter factor refers to the force you are required to use when pulling the bow, measured in kilograms. The most optimal weight would be in the range between ten and twenty kilograms, which is enough for regular bowfishing.

Pick the right length

Length is undoubtedly a crucial factor, as it has a tremendous effect on your performance. Getting a wrong-sized model will directly influence your stability and accuracy in a negative way, which is particularly disappointing for a complete beginner.

In addition, selecting a device with an incorrect length can do more damage than not being able to shoot any fish. Actually, due to the lack of stability, you are likely to hurt someone in your surroundings. Therefore, it’s vital to ask the shop assistant for help in determining the length, as he/she would be the best person to ask for advice.

Best Bowfishing Bow

Check adjustability

When it comes to adjustability, it’s preferable to purchase a model that is adjustable, especially if you won’t be the only person using it. The non-adjustable models cannot be operated by various people, which could sometimes prove to be a problem.

Also, bear in mind that the vast majority of models are designed for right-handed fishermen, so it’s harder for left-handed people to find a suitable match. In most cases, they’d need to order a custom-made variant, as otherwise, they won’t be able to try bowfishing. There is almost no possibility for a left-handed person to successfully operate a right-handed kit.

Look for a model with a warranty

Bowfishing bows are exposed to potential damage every time you go fishing. Consequently, it’s likely for the device to get deteriorated or broken soon after the purchase, especially if not made of durable material.

Therefore, make sure you purchase a model whose manufacturer provides you with a warranty period of a few years. If possible, purchase the one with the longest guarantee period so as to get it repaired or replaced in case of a problem.

Check regulations

Prior to starting this activity, it’s paramount to acquire a sport fishing license, since bowfishing is considered to be illegal without a license and for individuals younger than eighteen. Also, obtaining a fishing license doesn’t indicate that you are entitled to hunting all types of fish, but only the rough ones.

Wrap up

If you haven’t tried bowfishing yet, purchasing the right model of the bow would increase your success chances.

Give it a shot!


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