How to Catch BIG Striped Bass Fishing with BIG Swim Baits (Kayak Fishing)

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On this day in the first week of May 2015 I was trolling 9″ swim shad lures on my kayak. Every fish in this video is over 20lbs. Here you will see a very detailed explanation of my fishing techniques and what I do to consistently land big striped bass from my kayak. In this video I fished with 9″ Savage Gear shads and 9″ Rock Candy shads.I rig these 9″ swim baits up with a 2oz. Hogy Barbarian jig head. I kayaked through an area that looked productive with fish marks on my fish finder and set up my first troll.

I would cast my swim shad behind the boat, approximately 25 yards and begin a steady peddle. I always hold my fishing rod while trolling since it is essential to set the hook yourself with these big swim shads. Throughout the trip I typically incorporate an …

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