HOTTEST New SECRET Bass Fishing Technique from Japan

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Straight from the bass fishing experts in Japan, the Tokyo rig (aka Punchshot or Punch Shot) is the hottest and most amazing new technique for catching bass. Not quite a dropshot and, not quite a texas rig, the Tokyo rig is like power finesse fishing dream come true. John Crews is talking about the rig and how to use the weight, swivel, wire, hook, split ring and soft plastic bait to make your own Tokyo rig.

In the full video, will answer these questions:

How do it rig a Tokyo rig?

How do I fish a punchshot rig?

What rod, reel, line, weights & baits do I need for this hot new technique?

What is a jig rig and how does it differ from the tokyo rig?

John Crews recommends fishing the D-bomb on this rig, get yours at

HOTTEST New SECRET Bass Fishing Technique from Japan

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