Helicopter Lure for Bass Fishing the Summer Slop

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The vintage Roland Martin “Helicopter Lure” is the star of this show. Summertime fishing can be difficult in many bodies of water like the central Missouri pond in this show because fish are shunning the bright sun and are hiding in pond weeds and/or hydrilla. When there’s a ring of thick vegetation, it can make fishing on the water difficult and fishing from the bank virtually impossible. Under these circumstances, a weedless top water lure may be the best or only option. In this video, the dense ring of vegetation around the perimeter of this small Missouri Dept of Conservation lake in Howard County surrendered some largemouth bass to the Roland Martin’s “Helicopter Lure”. This lure was first marketed on the TNN “Fishing with Roland Martin” television show in the mid-90’s, thus the fish in this lake had never seen it. Enjoy the show!


The Helicopter Lure …

Helicopter Lure for Bass Fishing the Summer Slop

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