Guide to Choosing the Best Spinning Reels

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A spinning reel, which can also be referred to as open-faced reel, is one of the many types of reels available for anglers. It is also one of the most popular types and this may have to do with the fact that it can be used by both beginners and old-timers. One good thing about it is that it is quite easy and flexible to use, therefore amateurs and beginners prefer it. Its parts include the foot, handle, body, the bail, line spool, anti-reverse switch, spool release, line roller, and drag adjustment.

Due to the many options that exist, searching for and looking to purchase tools for fishing like spinning reels can be very overwhelming. To make a purchase there are a number of factors that will need to be put into consideration to ensure that the right purchase is made.

Some of the factors to be considered include type or species of fish you will be fishing, the type of water you will be fishing in – whether it is saltwater or freshwater, whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner and your budget.

We will now discuss these factors in some detail.

Type of Water You will Fishing In

The first thing to consider when choosing a spinning reel is the kind of water you will be fishing in. There are two main kinds of water; freshwater or saltwater. The reason this is important is this; if you will be fishing in saltwater, you will need to purchase reels that are high-quality, corrosion-resistant, and strong enough to resist any kind of stress. Saltwater reels are designed to be strong and able to tackle even the meanest species of fishes. Keep in mind that they are far more expensive. For freshwater fishing, basically, anyone will do.

You will find the different kinds of water explained better here:

What Species of Fish are you Targeting?

In selecting a reel, the kinds of fish you will be catching are also an important factor. Taking some time to find out about this will enable you to know the kind you should go for. It will determine the size you will buy knowing fishes have different sizes and weights themselves. You cannot use a small size reel to catch big fishes but you will want to use one that matches the weight and strength. Likewise, for fishes of about 2kg or less, it is a waste of resources using larger ones when a smaller one would suffice.

Spool Line and Capacity

A fishing line should normally lie flat and should be even on the spinning reel. One with shims will cause problems when loading your fishing line so avoid those as much as possible.

Also, depending on where you are fishing, you want one with a line capacity to meet your needs. For local lakes, you do not need anything big but for larger bodies of water or places, you may not be familiar with, getting one with a big capacity to hold any line is recommended. Mejores mangas post-apocalípticos

Your Fishing Methods and Habits

Another factor to consider before purchasing spinning reels is how you fish. While some anglers prefer staying and fishing from either the shoreline, pier, or bank, some prefer fishing from a boat. For those stationed on the shoreline or pier, they will need larger and stronger reels that can withstand the stress of a fish that may be struggling to getaway. If you are in a boat, the ability to move around reduces stress on the reel, rod and line so you do not necessarily need the strongest one available.


This is the system that provides friction to the spool. It is what makes getting a bigger fish easier. The drag pressure that can be handled by an angler varies from one individual to another. Statistics show that most adult anglers can handle about 15 – 18 pounds of drag pressure and not lose their power or feel fatigued.

Buy a reel that has sufficient drag, enough to make you comfortable as you work. You do not need one with a very high drag so you do not overwork yourself or get injured.

There are three types of drag systems you can choose from; the spring and pawl which is used mostly in freshwater, the disc drag system which is especially good for use at sea, and the caliper drag system which is a combination of the two. The article here elaborates more on these drag systems.


The more bearings a reel contains, the better it is as it makes it work smoother. Having said this, it is also important to know that the quality of these bearings is of greater importance. So no matter how many there are, if they are of bad quality they will not work well enough. One with 5 high-quality bearings will perform better than one with 10 low-quality bearings.


Fishing can take several hours and can be exhausting. Using a heavy reel will not help in this regard. For this reason, going for a light one is essential as it is easier to use and will cause less fatigue in the wrist. It will enable you to stay for longer hours without getting tired.

For some other factors that you should consider, you may check this article here:


Fishing can be fun and enjoyable when you use the right gear. As a beginner, the right gear will greatly affect the whole experience for you. It can even affect your desire to continue fishing. Before you go on to pick or purchase just anyone, read reviews and guides to help you determine which one will best work for you.


Guide to Choosing the Best Spinning Reels

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