Fishing with a ROBOTIC Lure — IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

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By FAR the craziest topwater fishing lure I’ve ever used! The “Moto Chug Robotic Popper,” a hybrid between your standard hula popper and a spastic, epileptic, vibrating, crazy thing… At first glance, I had my reservations which is why I buried this lure deep into my tackle cave as a “gimmick.” When I was organizing some loose lures yesterday, I uncovered the moto chug and decided to give it a shot! All I can say is… man am I glad I decided to try this bait at least once, it SLAYED EM!!!

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Moto Chug Lure —

Insane buzzbait fishing day at this pond!

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Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:

-Suffix 832 braid (20 lbs) (Affiliate)

-Stren Original monofilament (10 lbs …

Fishing with a ROBOTIC Lure — IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

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