Fishing lure review old mate lures

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The old mate lure is one of the best fishing lures that I have ever cast. It casts with precision accuracy and has a very reliable and stable swim pattern. It is designed primarily as a Murray cod lure however it will also catch smaller fish such as redfin and Yellowbelly, otherwise known as Golden Perch.

With anything in life it is almost impossible to reinvent the wheel however these old mate lures have certainly done that.

In an environment that is littered with dozens, if not hundreds of different designs of hard body lures, designing a lure that stands out from the crowd is a big ask.

When I am lure fishing for Murray cod, the old mate lures has become my number 1 go-to lure thanks to it’s amazing ability to fly through the air in a dead straight line when casting.

At the …

Fishing lure review old mate lures

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