DIY Battery Tray/Box In Jon Boat To Bass Boat

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In this video I do a quick walk thu of my current set up, including custom built battery box in front of boat. I then go over game plan for rear and show step by step how I custom built my rear battery tray. Building tray includes the foam and woodwork, painting in oil based paint, adding angle aluminum, mounting tie down strap and final install.

This set up works great for me because an off the shelf tray would not fit securely in the space I needed battery to go in rear deck. I already had the glue, screws, paint and wood, so I really only had to buy the 7$ strap to build this tray. This design can be modified to your liking and may not work or be the best option for all set ups. Perfect for mine though.

Thanks and enjoy!

DIY Battery Tray/Box In Jon Boat To Bass Boat

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