Check out this huge hit on a homemade lure.

In this video, we do a little kayak bassin in some crystal clear Texas water. Recently, I made a homemade Glide Bait in my garage to try to catch some monster bass in nearby lakes. Swimbait fishing for a huge largemouth can be pretty awesome. After about 30 minutes of fishing, this Huge Largemouth Bass chased my swimbait and absolutely crushed my homemade lure right next to the kayak. It was pretty epic!

About Dirty 830 Outdoors

Nolan Bluntzer is originally from New Braunfels Texas. If he had to choose to do one thing for the rest of his life, it would be guiding and helping others enjoy the sport. Introduced to fly fishing by a family friend when he was a teenager, he has developed a passion for the sport that continues to grow today. Nolan has been fortunate enough to travel to many international destinations to fish for different species; however, he believes that the Teton Valley and Snake River drainages are the finest in the world. His outgoing personality, patience, and desire to help his clients succeed make him a great match for novices and experts. When he is not guiding, he enjoys tying flies and spending time with his wife Katherine, daughter Nora Jane, and labrador Stella.

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