Cheap Spring Fishing Lures * I Raided the Bargain Bin * (Tackle Unboxing)

Flash Sale

Spring is a great time to pick up some cheap fishing lures! I raided the bargain bins of a few local stores and found some cool deals! Topwater frogs, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, line, and more. Thanks for watching feeshin friends!


Z-Man Micro Finesse Jig (Great Jig for Beginners) *SPRING BASS FISHING*

My TOP 3 Spring Finesse Baits for Bank Anglers (TOUGH BITE?)

My TOP 3 Spring Search Baits for Bank Anglers (COVERING WATER for Bass)

Is the Whopper Plopper DEAD? (Berkley Choppo, Savage Gear Smash Tail, and Lunkerhunt Propfish)

The PROBLEM That NOBODY Wants to Talk About in Bass Fishing! (How to Justify Catching Dinks)

Why Would ANYBODY Cast and Reel Like This? (AM I WRONG?)

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