Catching Smallmouth Bass with Crankbaits (Loaded with Fish-Catching Tips)

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Last July I missed opening smallmouth bass day due to terrible weather, though this video more than makes up for it.

The water is nice and calm, and super clear here on Lake Eerie. I’m fishing in about 6-8 feet deep water and casting out those realistic misty minnow crankbaits for smallmouth bass. The medium misty minnow is perfect for this, as it dives about 6 feet deep, bringing itself right into the bass strike zone.

We’re on a back bay on Lake Eerie and motoring along with our electric motor. It’s so calm out that there’s practically no drift. But that’s okay, because that’s perfect for crankbaiting for those smallmouth bass.

If you’d like to get your own misty minnows, you can get them here:

I share a lot of tips throughout this video which I hope helps you …

Catching Smallmouth Bass with Crankbaits (Loaded with Fish-Catching Tips)

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