Building a BASS Fishing ARSENAL?!? Bait & Lure Pro Tips

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Are you ready to build your bass fishing arsenal? Want to select the best baits and lures for getting started in bass fishing? This video is filled with PRO secret tips, like “top-to-bottom” that will help you select the best lures and artificial baits to catch more fish. Learn to catch fish from the water surface (where frogs and other creatures swim on top), to the middle of the water column (where baitfish swim) to the bottom (where crawfish and other creatures move around on the lake bottom). Learn about surface or topwater lures (frogs, walking baits and poppers), also middle zone baits (crankbaits, chatterbaits & spinnerbaits) and bottom baits like soft plastic baits.

This bass fishing video will help you learn how to fill your tackle box with effective lures that catch bass. Having the right bait will help you have fun and catch a lot of …

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