Basic Tips for Successful Surf Angling & Saltwater Shore Fishing


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When casting from dry land, there are tons of possibilities. A lot of people think that there is less of a chance of catching anything if done so, but the opposite is true. If done correctly, there is a surprisingly large variety of fish that can be caught from the shoreline, including beauties such as Mackerel, Rockfish, and Flounder. This is just one of the reasons why saltwater anglers love the activity so much, because every time they go out and practice it, it’s a win!

If you’re looking to become part of this adventurous activity for leisure purposes or to become a pro, we have a few tips for you to take heed of below. You will be a winner in no time.


This angling method is possibly the easiest one to learn out of the different forms out there. The idea is to pay heed to which tactic to use, and this can be determined via a few things such as, weather conditions, surf and tides, location and the time of year you choose, plus it’s not a bad idea to have some inclination of what fish you’re looking to catch. Yes, it may take some homework to do before heading out, but it will all be worth it when your buckets full.


When you are starting, there are a few basic ‘rules’ to keep you going on the right track. The first and most important thing to learn is how to surf cast, which is no different than regular casting with perhaps some minor adjustments made regarding the accuracy and distance, but a basic overhand cast is the best way to go about it. natural bait ifs always better than any fake one learn more here.

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When choosing an over-hand casting method, you would normally hold the fishing rod in your hand, then bend both arms (or one arm if the rod is not too heavy) into a 90-degree angle, and then flick out the pole rapidly (it’s all in the wrist), making sure there is no one near you, and then launch the rod into the water, don’t forget to put your bait onto the hook before doing this action. It’s all in the power and speed at which you work the rod – both putting it out and pulling it back up again out of the water, once you have perfected both, you will be on your way to being the champion of all surf anglers.

It is not to say that the more rapid your actions, the better you will be, there is a fine line between not giving the fishes enough time to get lured by the bait, and just enough time for them to start nipping at it so you can pull it out with ease.

Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can then start to learn the other tactics that people use, including trying out different forms of bait or choosing to fish at a different season of the year, because the different times of the year will draw a variety of different species for you to choose from, making it much more of an exciting prospect for you. Get some of the best times here

When choosing bait, the one you choose will depend on the type of fish you are aiming to catch, some examples are using shrimp to attract majority species, or using Mullet to attract only Herring or mackerel for instance. Not just that but studying up on the various habits of your fish will help you target the right kind correctly, also using information like weather conditions and tides, to your advantage.


Some people get tempted to use lures, because they are less of a mess to cast and the design allows you to cast further distances than using a live lure, but it needs to be done at the right time and after considering all of the above elements. Besides that, they may not be the best option when fishing near rocks because they could get caught in something and break, and they are slightly more expensive in comparison to using live bait, so it would be a waste of money.

There are lots of online stores that offer the right kind of equipment and they can also point you in the right direction of suppliers that can help with the right kind of lure for your fish preference. Explore and learn more at Fishing Perfect to get the best results.


salt water fishing boat


Similarly, to shore angling, saltwater shore fishing can also be done on the shore, if you do not have a boat. To be fair, a lot of people who have boats sometimes prefer doing it on the shore instead of going out.

Again, with this type of fishing you need to choose the best time of the year to go out. If you’re in the US, springtime (March till May) and September through to November (fall times) are the best for this activity. Fish migrations are the strongest during these times. Another tip is to use live bait, and nothing else, especially because you will have to be sitting still and waiting for the fish to get lured to your dangling creature, it’s always best to use this type instead of any imitation ones.

Both these techniques are very simple and easy to master and anyone with patience can do it, plus you do not need any excessive or special equipment besides your live bait (shrimp or worms) a fishing rod, a bag of ice, and your bucket. Don’t forget to bring your chair along with you too!



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