4 Topwater Lures — When They Each Shine ✨

Topwater lures can be extremely effective for targeting smallmouth bass — not just numbers, but big ones, too! For this application, there are four primary topwater lure styles to consider: prop baits, poppers, jump baits and wake baits.

All of these baits can be worked around cover or in open water, whether you’re on a lake, river or reservoir. That said, there are a few small details that we’ve noticed over the years about each individual style of lure.


This family of lures tends to work better in choppy or wavy water conditions, when some of the other topwater lures just don’t perform. This has huge merit, because most of the time, it’s not glass calm and sunny!


Next up is “popper”. These baits are probably the most versatile in relation to overall speed; you can …

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