25+ pound Smallmouth Bass Limit on Blade Baits [6lb KICKER]

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Freezing temps, snow, wind, ice and treacherous roads = smallmouth bass stacked like cordwood. Do you know how to catch them with blade baits? If not, here’s what you need to know! Subscribe and hit the “thumps up” button for a HUGE bag of smallmouth bass!

—Blade Baits—

Norisada Custom Tackle Blade Baits: />

Tackle Warehouse Blade Baits: >

—Spinning Rods—

Alpha Angler TAC-Mag 7’6″ Spinning Rod: />

Alpha Angler Wrench 7′ Spinning Rod: >

—New and/or Recommended Reels—

Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning Reel: />

Shimano Sustain Spinning Reel: >

—Braided Main Line—

Seaguard Smackdown: >

—Recommended Fluorocarbon Leader—

Seaguar Invizx: />

Seaguar Abrazx: >

—Recommended Camera for All Conditions—

GoPro Hero 5 (((Voice Activated))): >

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25+ pound Smallmouth Bass Limit on Blade Baits [6lb KICKER]

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