My first Huddleston Swimbait fish.

It FINALLY happened. After throwing a Huddleston swimbait for 100+hrs I finally got my first bite. I’ve been throwing an 8″ Huddleston swimbait for 3 winters now in San Diego without a bite. Then, it happened. Gear linked below. Smash the like button, comment and subscribe. My goal is to upload two videos every week for 2019.


Swimbait: (ROF 12)


Swimbait Rod: (8′ Heavy)


Swimbait Reel: (301A)


Swimbait Line: (20lb)


NuCanoe Blackpack-

Pursuit Slide Drawer-

Slide Mount-

Elite Kit-

Foot Pegs-

Lawrence Elite 7 TI Total Scan-

Ram Transducer Mount-

Ram 1.5” Track Ball- …

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