Hobie Kayak Failure & Striped Bass Fishing Blitz on Soft Plastics in a Small Craft Advisory 5/5/2016

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One of those days. One of my newer Mirage Drive masts totally failed without warning about 2 miles from my launch site. There was a small craft advisory for the day as well. Luckily I beached and retrieved a spare drive from the car and hit some really good striper action!

00:00-:02:00 Intro
02:00-05:56 Mirage Drive Failure and Recovery
06:22-09:00 35″ Striped Bass on an EliasVFishing Swim Shad
09:47-End Striped Bass trolling in total slop

Striped bass and birds came up on small baits in the slop. It was tricky to fish due to a 4knot troll in one direction and going 1.5 knots max in the other direction. The wind made casting nearly impossible so I opted for a slow troll when possible. Took a ton of spray to the face and over the bow. Not a day for pleasant conditions as …

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